Issues to reflect on

Unfair distribution of wealth that allows for the rich to exploit the poor.

People suffering from physical and mental exhaustion working in sweatshops.

Massive toxic and adulterated products hidden in every corner.

The countdown to the end of the world continues post the Phenomenon of 2012.

Can capitalism continue to survive without reform?

What can be done?

Not every company has the opportunity to be a “social enterprise”, but every company can make an effort to be an “enterprise anticipated by our society”.

Social Enterprise Commitment Foundation

The organization was established on December 25, 2012. We are an independent nonprofit organization with no ties to any company or conglomerate and no government subsidies.

Our conviction is that through the Five Virtues of “Benevolence”, “Felicity”, “Integrity”, “Green”, and “Sustainability”, company can become pillar in its community and make an effort to be an enterprise anticipated by our society. Consequently, company can salvage capitalism into “Benevolent Capitalism” and create a world filled with hope. This has been the lifelong vision and pursuit of our founder, Dr. Kai Ma, a highly respected renowned economist.

Dr. Kai Ma Founder of the
Social Enterprise
Commitment Foundation

Through comprehensive survey, observation, and prognosis of current global economy and the overall situation in Taiwan, Dr. Kai Ma redefined the rationale of “social enterprise”. Dr. Ma believes every Taiwanese small and medium company should adopt the Five Virtues and enlist the Five Virtues as its core values. Thereby, company can better survive and thrive under an increasingly challenging global economy and severe financial environment.

Why the Five Virtues?

Seek a bona fide practical and viable third alternative:
Benevolent Capitalism

The inadequacies of capitalism and socialism have emerged throughout the world. In the wake of the 2007-08 Financial Crisis, the deficiencies of capitalism are fully uncovered and exposed, notably the rich exploits the poor, the aggregation of wealth among the few, massive toxic and adulterated products everywhere, pollution of the environment, destruction of the ecology, and global warming. All these further causes our planet to be critically endangered.

On the other hand, socialism and communism with their own pack of insufficiencies are not viable alternatives either. Yet, what are our alternatives? Where should we head for? How can we thoroughly resolve these critical issues? The answer is something that we are still searching for.

Our Vision

We believe that company should take on the Five Virtues of
Benevolence, Felicity, Integrity, Green, and Sustainability.

For the products and services to be safe and harmless, company must be honest and pragmatic to safeguard quality.
For the health and well-being of customer, community and environment.
For the continuous happiness and growth of employees and their families.
For those who are in need of a helping hand.
For the overall sustainability of our world.
Together, we endeavor to attain the Five Virtues.

Our Approach

For the Company:
We have developed the SECV (Social Enterprise Commitment Verification) certification standards to uncover fundamental core values, identify standardized quantitative and qualitative measurements, and verify implementation of the Five Virtues.

For the General Public, specifically students, employees, and anyone of interest:
We have established an innovative “Merit 50 ”, a self-exercise program to upgrade personal integrity, to expand self-competency, and to reach higher self-attainment.

Strong Commitment, Stronger Gain
High Accountability, Higher Return

Virtuous Company Alliance (VCA) Pledge

As part of a group of companies, we embrace the Five Virtues to spread goodwill and promote “Virtuous Company to salvage Capitalism”. In compliance with the Five Virtues of Benevolence, Felicity, Integrity, Green, and Sustainability, we manifest the true meaning of happiness in Benevolent Capitalism.


Utilize professionalism to be fair and just in all business dealings and assist the less fortunate.


Promote harmony within the organization and treat all employees with impartiality and humanity.


Honest and pragmatic approach to safeguard quality and achieve financial transparency.


Utilize innovative green technology to bring about carbon reduction/net zero and to reach sustainable ecology.


Pursue sustainable development through lifelong learning by the practice of self-prosperity and prosperity to others.